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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Combustion synthesis, structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of Gd3+-doped lead molybdato–tungstatesGroń, Tadeusz; Maciejkowicz, M.; Tomaszewicz, E.; Guzik, M.; Oboz, Monika; Sawicki, Bogdan; Pawlus, Sebastian; Nowok, Andrzej; Kukuła, Zenon
2016Correlation between the band-gap energy and the electrical conductivity in MPr2W2O10 tungstates (Where M = Cd, Co, Mn)Sawicki, Bogdan; Tomaszewicz, E.; Piątkowska, M.; Groń, Tadeusz; Duda, Henryk; Górny, Krzysztof
2019Dielectric and magnetic characteristics of Ca1−xMnxMoO4 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.15) nanomaterialsGroń, Tadeusz; Karolewicz, M.; Tomaszewicz, E.; Guzik, M.; Oboz, Monika; Sawicki, Bogdan; Duda, Henryk; Kukuła, Zenon
2020Dipole relaxation process and giant dielectric permittivity in Eu3+- doped CdMoO4 single crystalSawicki, Bogdan; Tomaszewicz, E.; Groń, Tadeusz; Berkowski, M.; Głowacki, M.; Oboz, Monika; Kusz, Joachim; Pawlus, Sebastian
2013Paramagnetism of Cu3RE2W4O18 semiconductors (RE = Gd, Dy-Er)Groń, Tadeusz; Tomaszewicz, E.; Duda, Henryk; Mazur, S.
2011Superparamagnetic-like behaviour in RE2WO6 tungstates (where RE = Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Dy, Ho and Er)Groń, Tadeusz; Tomaszewicz, E.; Urbanowicz, Piotr; Duda, Henryk; Mydlarz, T.