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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A note on Browkin’s and Cao’s cancellation algorithmTomski, Andrzej; Zakarczemny, Maciej
2022Association between nocturnal oxygen desaturation and ischaemic stroke outcomesWojtasz, Izabela; Tomski, Andrzej; Kaźmierski, Radosław
2021Drainage ditches enhance forest succession in a raised bog but do not affect the spatial pattern of tree encroachmentNowakowska, Joanna; Gazda, Anna; Tomski, Andrzej; Szwagrzyk, Jerzy
2018Forest recovery in set-aside windthrow is facilitated by fast growth of advance regenerationSzwagrzyk, Jerzy; Maciejewski, Zbigniew; Maciejewska, Ewa; Tomski, Andrzej; Gazda, Anna
2021Stochastic gene expression revisitedTomski, Andrzej; Zakarczemny, Maciej