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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Ab initio study of electronic and magnetic structure and structural phase transition of (Fe 1-xMn x) 2P 1-yGe y alloysDeniszczyk, Józef; Woźniakowski, Andrzej; Kolano, R.; Kolano-Burian, A.
2012Ab initio study of electronic structure and magnetic properties of Gd(Ni 1-xFex)3 alloysDeniszczyk, Józef; Woźniakowski, Andrzej; Borgieł, Władysław
2011Effect of noncollinear magnetic order on the hyperfine interactions in Pt3FeWoźniakowski, Andrzej; Deniszczyk, Józef; Szymański, K.
2013First principles phase diagram calculations for the CdSe-CdS wurtzite, zincblende and rock-salt structuresWoźniakowski, Andrzej; Deniszczyk, Józef; Adjaoud, O.; Burton, B. P.
2012Magnetic and electronic properties of disordered (Gd 1-xYx) 7Pd 3alloys : theoretical studyWoźniakowski, Andrzej; Deniszczyk, Józef; Borgieł, Władysław
2013Phase diagram calculations for the ZnSe-BeSe system by first-principles base thermodynamic Monte Carlo integrationWoźniakowski, Andrzej; Deniszczyk, Józef