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Title: Duchowość w prowadzonym przez wiernych dialogu z ateistami, agnostykami i obojętnymi religijnie w świetle inicjatyw „Dziedzińca Pogan”
Authors: Sawa, Przemysław
Keywords: Christian spirituality; atheist spirituality; dialogue of worldviews; apologetic; universal values
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Roczniki Teologiczne, T. 64, z. 5 (2017), s. 99-123
Abstract: Pluralism of contemporary worldviews makes it challenging for Christianity to enter into a dialogue with different opinions, especially those relating to (non)existence of God and foundations of man’s life. Such a discussion is also difficult with the atheist, agnostic and religiously ambivalent circles. The source of this discourse lays in the human nature, which strives for unity with others, and in Christ’s Great Commission. Moreover, the evolution of contemporary world, a peculiar spiritual crisis of many and effectively a crisis of human identity, rules, priorities and values demands a firm voice on the supernatural dimension of human’s life, on the authentic and healthy humanism and on the value of universal virtues, especially when it comes to life, health, mutual respect and culture. Thus, the Church is called to accommodate people that are outside of its moral or formal structures. This results from the nature of its mission and prevents it from becoming a marginal group seen as a cult, as a historic relic or as an organisation limiting man’s freedom. Therefore, it becomes necessary to organise various meetings relating to the “Courtyard of Gentiles” or “Courtyard Dialogue”. This is also an opportunity to pick up healthy Christian apologetic, which is necessary because of the the nature of faith itself, and to confront the dogmatic atheism which is more and more aggressive towards religion, especially towards Catholicism. Dialogue of the faithful with the gentiles is necessary. It also encourages exploring of the world and facilitates common existence in the society. For the baptised the perspective of evangelisation and the true respect for their interlocutors are equally important.
DOI: 10.18290/rt.2017.64.5-5
ISSN: 2353-7272
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