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Title: Orthorexia nervosa, eating patterns and personality traits: a cross-cultural comparison of Italian, Polish and Spanish university students
Authors: Gramaglia, Carla
Gambaro, Eleonora
Delicato, Claudia
Marchetti, Marco
Sarchiapone, Marco
Ferrante, Daniela
Roncero, María
Perpiñá, Conxa
Brytek-Matera, Anna
Wojtyna, Ewa
Zeppegno, Patrizia
Keywords: Orthorexia nervosa; Eating patterns; Personality traits; Cross-cultural comparison
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: BMC Psychiatry, Vol.19, iss. 1 (2019)
Abstract: Background: The amount of research about orthorexic attitudes and behaviours has increased in the last five years, but is still mainly based on descriptive and anecdotal data, yielding a variety of prevalence data and inconsistent results. The interplay between socio-cultural context and orthorexia has been poorly investigated and is still far from being understood. Method: Multicentre, cross-sectional study involving Italian (N = 216), Polish (N = 206) and Spanish (N = 242) university students, assessed through a protocol including informed consent, socio-demographic and anamnestic data sheet and self-administered questionnaires (ORTO-15, Eating Attitudes Test- 26 [EAT-26], Temperament and Character Inventory [TCI]). Results: Higher prevalence of orthorexia (as described by the ORTO-15 cutoff) was found in Poland. Female gender, Body Mass Index (BMI), current Eating Disorder, dieting, EAT-26 score ≥ 20 and low/medium Persistence were associated with orthorexia in the whole sample. The cross-cultural comparison showed several differences among the three subgroups of students. Conclusions: The associations found between orthorexic attitudes, self-reported current eating disorder, BMI and adherence to a dieting need to be supported by further research. The differences among students from the three countries seem to suggest a possible rolve for cultural elements in the construct of orthorexia.
DOI: 10.1186/s12888-019-2208-2
ISSN: 1471-244X
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