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Title: Ochrona dzieci przed krzywdzeniem : perspektywa globalna i lokalna
Authors: Jarosz, Ewa
Keywords: dziecko krzywdzone; Child Abuse; dziecko w rodzinie
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The subject matters of analyses and discussions presented in the project are social actions towards the problem of child abuse within a family . They are considered and presented from global, regional and local perspective but also from the individual one i.e. as actions addressed to particular children and their families. The fundamental intention of the project was to emphasize contemporary standards of children protection on a background of the history of such actions, in order to suggest theoretical- applicative model of creating and modernizing local systems of child protection (lub child abuse prevention). To describe the content in particular, it can be said that there are presented several fields concerning social actions towards child abuse. In the early parts of the project there is an analysis of the situation of children in different historical periods and of educational relations between children and adults. The analysis is trying to highlight situations and behaviour of abuse of children and making an interpretation and systematization of the relations between adults and children throughout the history. Next, there are described social and scientific interests in the situation of children and the phenomenon of their abuse (violence and neglect). The author tried to reconstruct and structuralize the history of such an interest of that phenomenon depicting, at the same time, the peculiar evolution of the phenomenons ‘scientific career’. There were emphasized the main changes that occurred over the last decades concerning scientific interpretations of the phenomenon of child abuse and actions taken to protect children. There were also described the processes of institutionalization and professionalization of actions towards abused children (neglected or maltreated) trying to systematize that area. In the ramifications, there were analyzed solutions that in the global and regional perspective comment the problem of child protection. There were shown different sources and instruments regulating the situation of children in the world and describing their laws, law protection and actions taken in case of child abuse. The matter of research were various conventions, pacts, recommendations, comments and announcements. There were analyzed different international initiatives for the abused children and posts of global institutions taking care of children and health issues such as: UNICEF or WHO. The aim of analyses was to distinguish universal standards that are nowadays formed towards the problem of child abuse in the family and actions taken. Then, the international experiences within the scope of organizing preventive and intervention actions were analyzed. There were presented analyses of activities taken towards child abuse in different communities. There were considered recommendations within the scope of protecting children and, mainly, creating systems of children protection related by means of individual reports, research or meta-analyses of the subject matter. In that field of analyses of the author strived to systematize the specificity, directions and forms of actions on different social levels within the sphere of prevention, early interventions and the therapy of the phenomenon. The essential theme of that part of the project describing posts of the researchers towards the problems of children injustice were the problems of cooperation between different local subjects taking actions in the local environment. Integrated multi-sector cooperation was shown as a contemporary paradigm of activities within the scope of child protection. Moreover, basing on researchers’ reports there were analyzed fundamental barriers of integrated cooperation between local subjects (representatives of different services and institutions). There was a trial to describe basic determinants leading to improve the integration of activities. Concerning to the direct context of creating and modernizing local systems of child abuse prevention, there were analyzed Polish conditions and possibilities in this matter. Last of all, as the result of final synthesis, there was presented the authors theoretical-applicative model of creating or modernizing a system of child abuse prevention in the local environment. The autor also elaborated its particular spheres and elements.
ISBN: 978-83-226-1783-0
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