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Title: Aksjologiczne aspekty integracji kulturowej
Authors: Świątkiewicz, Wojciech
Keywords: integracja kulturowa; system społeczno-kulturowy; wartośći; psychospołeczne funkcjonowanie wartośc
Issue Date: 1987
Publisher: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Citation: Z. A. Żechowski (red.), "Rozwój i przemiany społeczno-kulturowe" (S. 59-81). Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: Integration of culture involves the processual or static aspects of the maintanance of unity in diversity and finds its expression in the defined relations between the elements of culture and a social system. One can discriminate three basic planes of the integration of culture analysed from the point of view of sociology, i.e. taking into regard the social frames of culture. Apart from the axiological plane, being an object of the analysis presented in the paper, one can discriminate the plane of the patterns of culture-based behaviour and the plane of communication exposing firmly social aspects of the significances forming and their perception.The importance of the value for the integration of culture is rendered through a) creative reproduction of the common values remaining in the defined functional relations toward uncommon values, which though submitted to some changes in their ritual contents and forms still preserve their historically formed essence, b) relative lack of the logico-semantic discrepancies and functional conflicts between the operating in culture types of fundamental values submitted to internalization, effect of which are the culture-based patterns of personality and types of the behaviour standard, c) maintanance of ability to introduce innovations and generate some values through preserving the proportional relations between conformism and non-conformism, as well as tendencies to eliminate opportunism. Disturbed proportionality of these relations generate disintegration or integration formal. The values stimulate the formation of socio-cultural system and its inner integrity as far as the above conditions are satisfied; providing that the immanent categorical imperative of values and their social acceptance are observed.
ISBN: 8322600798
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