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Tytuł: Text and image in traffic signs
Autor: Bartłomiejczyk, Magdalena
Słowa kluczowe: traffic signs; two-code (image plus text) traffic signs
Data wydania: 2013
Źródło: Linguistica Silesiana, Vol. 34 (2013), s. 111-131
Abstrakt: While most traffic signs in Europe are purely pictorial, some also employ text. The article discusses two-code (image plus text) traffic signs on examples from a few countries: the UK, Germany, the US, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Poland. Special emphasis is placed on various possible sense relations between text and image in such signs. In some of these relations (such as intersemiotic translation or emphasis) the text does not modify the meaning of the image, whereas in others (such as restriction, complementation or elaboration) it does. Drivers who do not know the local language, however, are neither able to understand the text nor to determine its function towards image. Therefore, the text is always prone to affect them negatively.
ISSN: 0208-4228
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