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Title: Intymność niemożliwa, intymność "zaprzeczona" : o dwóch powieściach współczesnych
Authors: Uniłowski, Krzysztof
Keywords: Andrzej Falkiewicz; Adam Ubertowski; neoawangarda; autotematyzm; pastisz; postmodernizm; metaliteratura
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: "Teksty Drugie" nr 1-2 (2007), s. 235-248
Abstract: The article concerns two novels dated 1998. Andrzej Falkiewicz’s novel "Ledwie mrok" proves to be interesting in terms of its aesthetics and problems, whilst being a somewhat late-date recapitulation of experiences of modern prose. The Author outlines a transgressive project of expressing those aspects of corporeality which are hardly graspable in the language, whilst at the same time gathering arguments testifying to a utopian nature of any such project. In turn, Adam Ubertowski, a representative of a much younger generation of authors, uses in his "Szkice do obrazu batalistycznego", in a pastiche mode, certain cultural and literary matrices (well-established models o f manliness, initiation pattern, etc.) along with elements of a modern literary code, to place a simulac’ - i.e. intimacy seen in terms of a copy of one ’s self relating to repetition; an intimacy that is multiplied and reproduced as a narrative phantasm - precisely where modernism situated the individual’s source experience.
ISSN: 0867-0633
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