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Title: Literacka rama wydawnicza w polskich postyllach z wieku XVI : wybrane problemy
Authors: Rak-Poks, Iwona
Advisor: Sitkowa, Anna
Nowicka-Struska, Anna
Keywords: Białobrzeski, Marcin (ok. 1530-1586); Gilowski Paweł (ok. 1534-1595); Grzegorz z Żarnowca (ok. 1528-1601); Rej, Mikołaj (1505-1569); Wujek, Jakub (1541-1597); postylla; literacka rama wydawnicza; książki - historia; literatura polska - 16 w.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The literary editorial framework of the sermons collections by five 16th-century Polish postillographers representing Catholic and Protestant denominations: Mikolaj Rej, Jakub Wujek, Grzegorz from Zarnowiec, Pawel Gilowski and Marcin Bialobrzeski has been at the centre of interest. The basis of the analysis has been homiletic books published in Poland in the second half of the 16th century, in whose title the term ‘postil’ has been found and which have not been the translations of the foreign authors’ works. Due to the broad scope of the material studied, only prints embossed during their authors’ lifetime, 21 volumes in total, have been subject to research. Among others, the content of the work’s following framework elements: a titulature, verbal and visual compositions, dedicatory letters, prefaces, poems to the reader, biblical mottos, censorial approvals, tables of contents has been described in detail. A page header, marginalia, errata and colophons have laid beyond the area of inquiries. The research effects have been presented in six chapters. The first part of the dissertation has focused on the genesis and reading reception of the sermons yearlies being subject to research. The subsequent parts, according to the chronology of releasing postil first prints to reading circulation, have presented the editorial framework elements of the homiletic books by Catholic and Protestant authors. The structure comparison of the sermons collections by writers representing two opponent denominations has allowed for the demonstration of similarities and differences in the scope of forming the postil’s framework. In the course of the disquisitions attention has also been drawn, among others, to the ways of seeking protectors, recommending a postil to the future recipients or presenting the work’s author to the readers by means of the selected framework texts.
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