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Title: Między indywidualnością władcy, presją okoliczności a siłą tradycji. Wielowarstwowość wizerunku cesarza rzymskiego w latach 70. III wieku.
Authors: Kluczek, Agata A.
Keywords: Imperium Romanum; cesarz rzymski; moneta rzymska; Florian; propaganda
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warmińsko-Mazurskiego
Citation: Studia Prawnoustrojowe, Nr 12 (2010), s. 81-93
Abstract: The 70s of the 3rd century are distinguished by severe competition for the imperial purple: over a dozen people were trying to acquire it. Such a situation raises questions about the measures adopted at the critical moment of taking over the power with the intention to consolidate it, among others about the means drawn from the sphere of ideology as for example the emperor’s autocreation. After all – apart from the argument of force, obvious and necessary in the contemporary reality – more sublime arguments to justify the attractiveness of the new-elected were reached for. The issue was discussed with the focus on the image of Florian, created on the imperial coinage. The key to detect these „layers” in the emperor’s image, forced by the circumstances, of assuming authority, with the tradition hanging over them, and to find out an individual dimension in it was to take the following steps: 1/ attach the monetary types to broader thematic categories, 2/ determine the typological structure of the issues of the Roman emperors per cent, based on the analysis of the content of the monetary treasury, 3/ compare the hierarchy of the thematic categories and monetary types in the coinage of Florian and others emperors.
ISSN: 1644-0412
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