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Title: Kiedy skutki chrztu i wiara zostają skrępowane tradycjami religijnymi?
Authors: Sawa, Przemysław
Keywords: the faith; the dynamics of faith; religious experience; religious traditions; false religious practices
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Roczniki Teologiczne, T. 62, z. 5 (2015), s. 83-105
Abstract: Religious experience is anchored in a specific environment of believers, which are composed of history, way of life, thought, action, interpersonal systems, needs, desires and expectations. These all factors generate the formation of religious traditions, which being a part of the social dimensions of the civilization, they bring faith, ceremonies, formulas of prayer, attitude to the world. However, These traditions can sometimes hinder the development of the right faith. It is possible to indicate the following factors blocking the appropriate development of faith: cultural understanding of the baptism, reductions in revealed truths, especially in the field of ecclesiology (the bad understanding of the Trinity and the relation with divine Persons, institutionalism within the meaning of the Church, rejecting the charismatic dimension of the Church), the conservative pastoral work, lack of experience of the presence of God, abuses in the individual and folk piety, individualism in the approach to faith and baptism. It is therefore necessary to grow in genuine faith. This is done is some form of postbaptism catechumenate. Above all it is necessary to proclaim the kerygma combined with the testimony of those leading spiritual lives. Personal experiencing the love of God, salvation in Jesus and the strength of healthy community of believers will be leading people to grow and a dynamism of faith will become active contained in the grace of baptism.
ISSN: 2353-7272
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