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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Hydrocarbon degradation potential and plant growth-promoting activity of culturable endophytic bacteria of Lotus corniculatus and Oenothera biennis from a long-term polluted sitePawlik, Małgorzata; Cania, Barbara; Thijs, Sofie; Vangronsveld, Jaco; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2018Vancomycin and/or multidrug-resistant Citrobacter Freundii altered the metabolic pattern of soil microbial communityCycoń, Mariusz; Orlewska, Kamila; Markowicz, Anna; Żmijowska, Agnieszka; Smoleń-Dzirba, Joanna; Bratosiewicz-Wąsik, Jolanta; Wąsik, Tomasz J.; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2016Pyrethroid-Degrading Microorganisms and Their Potential for the Bioremediation of Contaminated Soils: A ReviewCycoń, Mariusz; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2016Rhizospheric bacterial strain Brevibacterium casei MH8a colonizes plant tissues and enhances Cd, Zn, Cu phytoextraction by white mustardPłociniczak, Tomasz; Sinkkonen, Aki; Romantschuk, Martin; Sułowicz, Sławomir; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2018Functional Diversity of Soil Microbial Communities in Response to the Application of Cefuroxime and/or Antibiotic-Resistant Pseudomonas putida Strain MC1Orlewska, Kamila; Markowicz, Anna; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia; Smoleń-Dzirba, Joanna; Cycoń, Mariusz
2014Enhancement of deltamethrin degradation by soil bioaugmentation with two different strains of "Serratia marcescens"Cycoń, M.; Żmijowska, A.; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2013Molecular basis of active cooper resistance mechanisms in Gram-negative bacteriaBondarczuk, Kinga; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2019Antibiotics in the Soil Environment - Degradation and Their Impact on Microbial Activity and DiversityCycoń, Mariusz; Mrozik, Agnieszka; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2014Microbial diversity in waters, sediments and microbial mats evaluated using fatty acid-based methodsMrozik, Agnieszka; Nowak, Agnieszka; Piotrowska-Seget, Zofia
2005Structure of microbial community in soils contaminated with heavy metals assessed by culture and fatty acid approachesPiotrowska-Seget, Zofia