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Title: On Alexander, Who in Carthage "Had Foolishly Usurped the Supreme Power" Under Roma’s Sign : [recenzja]
Authors: Kluczek, Agata A.
Keywords: L. Domitius Alexander; usurper; Roman coin
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: "Res Historica" No 48 (2019), s. 295-306
Abstract: The article discusses Guillaume Malingue’s book devoted to the coinage of L. Domitius Alexander, a usurper in North Africa (308/309–310). Moreover, the content of his coins issued in Carthage was analysed, seeking the ideological priorities of the usurper. On the one hand, Domitius Alexander emphasised African regionalism and indicated the centre of his actual power: Carthage. On the other hand, the usurper exhibited his relationship with Rome and emphasised that it was Roma who sanctioned his rule.
DOI: 10.17951/rh.2019.48.293-306
ISSN: 2082-6060
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