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Title: The phenomenon of multiculturalism : the case of Poland
Authors: Śliz, Anna
Szczepański, Marek S.
Keywords: multiculturalism; ethnic groups; national and ethnic minorities; Poland
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Social Pathology and Prevention, Iss. 2 (2017), s. 37-51
Abstract: One of the most important global processes nowadays is migration. Its result is, inter alia, the deepening multiculturalism. It can take the form of a social phenomenon, political project or society. In this article we have focused on multiculturalism as a social phenomenon. It means the presence of different cultures with an ethnic background of their diversity in a specific social space and historical moment. They exist together and accept the mutually distinct ethnic (cultural) difference. The origins of the phenomenon of multiculturalism go back to ancient times, although then the phenomenon did not have a scientific framework of analysis. Such ones appeared in the 70s and 80s of the twentieth century. An example of a society in which multiculturalism is present is modern Poland.
DOI: 10.25142/spp.2017.007
ISSN: 2464-5877
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