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Tytuł: The analysis of mercury content in coals and ashes
Autor: Kasprzyk, Marta
Szpak, Anna
Jelonek, Iwona
Wiktor, Magdalena
Słowa kluczowe: mercury; coals; ashes
Data wydania: 2017
Źródło: E3S Web of Conferences, Vol. 17 (2017), art. no. 00037
Abstrakt: It is well known that mercury that enters the atmosphere is a serious threat to the natural environment. From the available literature, it can be stated that fossil fuels are among the main carriers of this fuel. The question arises whether it is the right approach. While the enrichment of bituminous coal produces limited amounts of mercury, they are being released into the atmosphere as a result of the combustion of coal. The situation is similar in the case of biomass, which releases large amounts of mercury into the atmosphere when subjected to the combustion process. While bituminous coal is the carrier of mercury, the application of currently known technology, rational production and the use of fossil fuels make it possible to maximally minimize mercury emissions into the atmosphere. This study evaluated the mercury content in the ashes resulting from the combustion of bituminous coal subjected to the enrichment process. The samples were collected from ten mines located in the Polish part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB). In total, thirty coal samples and thirty products of the combustion process were examined. All sixty samples were subjected to physicochemical analysis, including: moisture content, ash content, sulfur content, carbon content, and Gross Calorific Value.
DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20171700037
ISSN: 2267-1242
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