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Title: Udział i rola cezarian w zamachu na G. Juliusza Cezara (15 marca 44 roku)
Authors: Rogosz, Norbert
Keywords: G. Juliusz Cezar; zamach
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Wieki Stare i Nowe, T. 1 (2009), s. 39-56
Abstract: Investigating the role of Caesarians in the attempt on the life of G. Julius Caesar on 15th March 44 BC, the author of the article makes an attempt to explain several issues connected with this subject‑matter. First of all, he establishes the criteria serving the purpose of distinguishing Caesarians. He defines them analysing the ways of presenting politicians connected with who participated in his murder typical of the authors of Ancient source texts and contemporary historians. He also brings the profiles of assassinators closer and clarifies motives which could make the senators befriended with Caesar act against their protector and leader. Having presented the very issues, the author discusses the role of Caesarians in the attempt on the life of G. Julius Caesar. He considers it relatively thoroughly, examining the activity of the best‑known Caesarians in the conspiracy organized against Caesar and in the course of the assassination which ended in his death on a day of the Ids of March in 44.
ISSN: 1899-1556
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