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Title: Assessment of Social Support for a Mother Raising a Child Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, as Experienced by her Family. A Case Study
Other Titles: Ocena wsparcia społecznego przez matkę dziecka z zespołem Aspergera doświadczanego przez jego rodzinę. Studium przypadku
Authors: Szafrańska, Anida
Keywords: Asperger syndrome; autism spectrum disorders; adulthood; family; social network; social support
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Konteksty Pedagogiczne, No. 2 (2019), s. 161-175
Abstract: The article discusses a variety of issues related to social support given to Polish families raising a child with Asperger syndrome. The questions regarding the position of Asperger syndrome in the current ICD-10 classification are presented along with the full spectrum of problems faced by people with this type of disorder. The article also discusses selected issues related to the functioning of the whole family. Theoretical considerations focus on social support understood as a special kind of assistance provided to a family in a difficult situation. The paper analyzes the features of the social network, including social support networks, along with the changes that have taken place in these structures. The article also discusses the sources and types of social support experienced by the family in a 10-year period.
DOI: 10.19265/KP.2019.213161
ISSN: 2300-6471
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