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Title: Rola i znaczenie "córek przymierza" w Kościele perskim IV i V wieku
Authors: Uciecha, Andrzej
Keywords: córki przymierza; kościół perski
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Verbum Vitae, 2011, nr 19, s. 233-246
Abstract: The unequivocal negative role o f w omen, described as "harp" o f satan, find i ts substraturn in the anthropological concept o f Afrahat, which is based on a hierarchy o f the virtue of creatures. The mistrust of women did not flow from "ontological motives", but from the practical considerations which were ber source (Guillaumont). Faithfulness to the biblical concept of creatures does not allow the complete negation o f the value o f w omen although, in the specific advice given to the "athletes" the theoretical opinions on this subject were caused to undergo various modifications. In these circumstances there was evidence o f a radical stance in the sage in his appraisement o f women, the principle of the degrees of good in creatures would be: all the works o f God are good, but som e are worse. It is not without good reason that the fact remains, that the uncompromising attitude to women is most frequently found in the Demonstrations on the Sons o f the Covenant and On Virginity and Hołiness, w hi ch touch on the themes o f virginity and celibacy.
ISSN: 1644-8561
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