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Title: Charakterystyka osobowości wspinaczy wysokogórskich - przegląd literatury
Authors: Sołtysik, Mariusz
Flakus, Maria
Pudlo, Robert
Keywords: osobowość; zaburzenia osobowości; wspinaczka wysokogórska; personality; personality disorders; mountaineering
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: "Psychiatria Polska" nr 6 (2019), s. 1397-1411
Abstract: The following paper presents the existing body of research on personality traits (within the framework of personality trait theory and Marvin Zuckerman’s sensation seeking theory) of individuals engaging in high-risk sports, especially mountaineering and alpinism. In the review, two perspectives of theoretical analysis were taken into consideration: a psychologi-cal (concerning reflections on non-pathological personality characteristics of mountaineers) and a psychopathological one (concerning research on hypothetically pathological dimen-sions of the following traits). In both psychological and psychopathological perspective, the importance of sensation/stimulation seeking (understood as one of the personality dimen-sions) and deficiency of trait anxiety were analyzed. Both determinants can be linked with type T personality. In addition, numerous studies suggest that traits such as neuroticism, extraversion and conscientiousness may play important role in personality regulation of mountaineers. The presented reflection was supplemented by early reports referring to pos-sible psychopathological traits, which may hypothetically indicate some personality disorders. The authors highlight the limitations of previous studies and point out possible directions of future research, in particular – necessity of including motivational factors, associated with engaging in high-risk sport activities.
DOI: 10.12740/PP/99144
ISSN: 0033-2674
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