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Tytuł: Śląski eksperyment pedagogiczny - projekt organizacji "Szkoły talentów" z 1972 roku
Autor: Górska, Joanna
Słowa kluczowe: Polityka oświatowa; PRL; Szkoła talentów
Data wydania: 2010
Źródło: Wieki Stare i Nowe, T. 2 (2010), s. 182-195
Abstrakt: The Ministry of Higher Education received the project “the school of talents” at the beginning of the 1970s. Its aim was to create a special educational institution at the elementary level for extremely talented students. The frames and principles of school functioning were included in seven points, where among other things, the proposal of localization and estimated cost related to it, the anticipated number of students and classes. A special attention was paid to four profiles to be found at school, i.e. a liberal, a mathematical-physical, a natural and a general one. The academics of the University of Silesia were to supervise the profiles. Due to the fact that the “School of talents” was to be created for students with special talents, the rules of enrolment and conditions the candidates had to fulfill were described. The very project is worth considering because in the light of the policy of education conducted by the authorities at that time was very innovative. It inscribed into the trend of experiments carried out in other countries, especially in the USSR. What the authorities were afraid of was a selected group of students of the school to be and that is why the project designers began to face multiple difficulties and, additionally, the situation got complicated thanks to the reorganization of the ministry.
ISSN: 1899-1556
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