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Title: Szkolnictwo zawodowe oraz dokształcające w województwie śląskim i w Zagłębiu Dąbrowskim w dwudziestoleciu międzywojennym
Authors: Glimos-Nadgórska, Anna
Keywords: Szkolnictwo zawodowe; Szkolnictwo dokształcające; Województwo śląskie; Zagłębie Dąbrowskie; dwudziestolecie międzywojenne
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Wieki Stare i Nowe, T. 5 (2013), s. 114-136
Abstract: A different historical past of the areas that constituted the Silesian voivodship and Dąbrowa Basin made the vocational schooling almost non‑ existent in this very area. The attempts made in the Republic of Poland to reform the high and grammar secondary schooling put the issue of unifying the vocational schooling away. This type of education that was reopened after 1918, was characterised by a different level and time of teaching, as well as variety, and, at the same time, the lack of educational qualification regulations, and the acceptance of a different curriculum when it comes to starting education therein. The teaching plans for 20 vocational groups were prepared as late as in 1928, but the process of shaping the vocational education started after the act dated on 11 March 1932 had been accepted by the Sejm. The training schooling was well‑ developed in the Silesian voivodship. The actions connected with the vocational training of teenagers and adults in this area were in charge of the Silesian Craft‑ Industry Institute in Dąbrowa Basin, on the other hand, the training schools did not exist. The activity was conducted by several vocational schools of different type (mainly private ones). They also organized courses for teenagers and adults at different teaching hours. It was Śląskie Techniczne Zakłady Naukowe in Katowice and Szkoła Górnicza i Hutnicza im. S. Staszica that was the pride in the Silesian voivodship and Dąbrowa Basin respectively.
ISSN: 1899-1556
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