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Title: Post-literate Poetics : [recenzja]
Authors: Gorliński-Kucik, Piotr
Keywords: post-literacy; writing; Jacek Dukaj; science fiction; transhumanism
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: "Forum Poetyki" nr 17 (2019), s. 80-97
Abstract: In his latest collection of essays Po piśmie [After writing], Jacek Dukaj conceives of human history as an evolution of forms in which man manifests experiences; its final stage is the direct transfer of experiences. The second most important question is the subjectification of the tool. I review earlier realizations of this concept in Dukaj’s writings and compare his observations with other contemporary narratives which address the history and future of homo sapiens (mainly by Yuval Noah Harari).
ISSN: 2451-1404
Appears in Collections:Artykuły (W.Hum.)

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