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Title: "Nowe życie w Chrystusie" - naśladowanie czy upodobnienie?
Authors: Strzelczyk, Grzegorz
Keywords: anthropology; new life; imitation; resemblance; divinization
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Wrocławski Przegląd Teologiczny, 2015, nr 2, s. 193-201
Abstract: The article presents a systematic view of the issue of „new life in Christ” from the perspective of dogmatic theology. In the context of Anti-Pelagian resolutions and decisions of the Council of Trent about the predisposing grace, Christological foundation of the idea of new life is indicated (Christ – the new Adam, incarnation as an ontological basis of the mediation of Christ). Then, the idea of “new life” focuses mainly on the participation of a human being (through grace) in the relationship, in which the humanity of Christ participates by virtue of the hypostatic union. This is the basis for the action of a human being cooperating with God’s grace, which at the same time generates a process ending in the divinization.
DOI: 10.34839/wpt.2015.23.2.193-201
ISSN: 2544-6460
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