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Title: Psychologiczna analiza treści zeznań
Authors: Wojciechowski, Bartosz Wojciech
Keywords: content analysis; veracity assessment; MASAM
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Psychologica, T. 18 (2014), s. 85-109
Abstract: Psychological content analysis techniques developed to distinguish truthful from fabricated allegations (Statement Validity Assessment, Reality Monitoring, Scientifi c Content Analysis) show some promise in distinguishing truthful from fabricated statements. It is however argued, that they are not accurate enough to be admitted as expert scientifi c evidence in courts. A new, innovative formal assessment procedure – Multivariable Adult’s Statement Assessment Model (MASAM) was proposed. A group of 43 raters trained in statement content analysis, rated witnesses’ accounts. Studies have proven that with the use of MASAM it is possible to select 96,87% of truthful accounts and the conditional probability for content analysis results based upon MASAM analysis is 91,85%. As regards to false statements assessment, content analysis with the use of MASAM has also proven its superiority, with the conditional probability of 69,23% and three other compared content analysis techniques lead to wrong decisions in more than 50% of cases.
ISSN: 1427-969X
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