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Tytuł: Dylematy nadmiaru
Autor: Solik, Ryszard
Słowa kluczowe: art; modernism; excess; dilemmas of a contemporary art; conceptual variants of art
Data wydania: 2014
Źródło: Studia Artystyczne, 2014, nr 1, s. 7-12
Abstrakt: The text is an attempt to look at selected dilemmas of a discourse on art connected with an excess of various forms and projects of the contemporary artistic practice. Excess, as a feature of the postmodern culture, is noticeable not only in the area of widely-understood consumer goods, but also within the scope of the so called symbolic culture, paying special attention to the literature and art. In the latter, however, it is reflected in many ways, and, concerns above all an unlimited expansion of subsequent reflections, artistic manifestations and strategies, anesthetization of colloquialism, heterogeneous media and means of artistic creation, and, finally, a creative practice as such accepting even excluding formulas and conceptual variants of art. A consequence of these tendencies is certain discursive reorganizations connected with a redefinition of traditional conceptions and characteristics of a work of art, aesthetic adjudications, and, finally, the limitations of an artistic object, as well as aesthetic experience discussed in the text.
ISSN: 2391-9965
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