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Title: Zagadnienie koloru oraz sposoby kształtowania brzmienia w nowoczesnej muzyce fortepianowej : zarys problematyki badawczej
Authors: Kopińska, Agnieszka
Keywords: piano music; sound colour; sound tone; preparation; performance means
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Studia Artystyczne, 2014, nr 1, s. 59-64
Abstract: The author, starting from the entirety of phenomena connected with a widely-understood phenomenon of colour, beginning from colour in the sense of plastic arts and a tone of sound as well as harmonic tone in music, understanding and relations between a sound and tone in the context of philosophy to the issues of an auditory perception of tone, as well as the phenomenon of synesthesis, briefly presents basic modern ways of creating and modifying the colour of sound, used in music created for piano in various instrumental configurations in a recent century. A new function of the piano in a symphonic, chamber and solo music, as a colouristic instrument, with a strong accentuation of percussion qualities of its sound was specified. The article outlines the area of the research problem covering the following phenomena within the scope of shaping a sound in a new music such as the role of an instrumental context in the perception of the tone of the piano music, the importance and influence of preparation on sound modification, and the colouristic function of harmonics. The considerations in question also raise the issue of using electronic means in using the sound tone and creating the sound part of a composition. The phenomenon tightly connected with the problem and having a direct influence on the sound shape of a work is a precise and intentional choice of executive means whose basic kinds were defined. The very factor is at the same time very individual in nature and may strongly an aesthetic shape of a work and its reception by a listener. The problems outlined are illustrated with the choice of works particularly important from the point of view of the subject-matter of works, predicting various ways and contexts of shaping the composition colour by means of using the piano.
ISSN: 2391-9965
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