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Title: Distribution of snow accumulation on some glaciers of Spitsbergen
Authors: Grabiec, Mariusz
Leszkiewicz, Jan
Głowacki, Piotr
Jania, Jacek
Keywords: Arctic; ,Spitsberge; snow accumulation; statistical data analysis
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Polish Polar Research, 2006, no. 4, s. 309-326
Abstract: We describe the spatial variability of snow accumulation on three selected gla− ciers in Spitsbergen (Hansbreen, Werenskioldbreen and Aavatsmarkbreen) in the winter seasons of 1988/89, 1998/99 and 2001/2002 respectively. The distribution of snow cover is determined by the interrelationships between the direction of the glacier axes and the domi− nant easterly winds. The snow distribution is regular on the glaciers located E−W, but is more complicated on the glaciers located meridionally. The western part of glaciers is more predisposed to the snow accumulation than the eastern. This is due to snowdrift intensity. Statistical relationships between snow accumulation, deviation of accumulation from the mean values and accumulation variability related to topographic parameters such as: alti− tude, slope inclination, aspect, slope curvature and distance from the edge of the glacier have been determined. The only significant relations occured between snow accumulation and altitude (r = 0.64–0.91).
ISSN: 0138-0338
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