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Tytuł: Barwa biała
Autor: Pawlus, Natalia
Słowa kluczowe: the color white; color; exhibition; asset; Le Crobusier
Data wydania: 2014
Źródło: Studia Artystyczne, 2014, nr 2, s. 39-41
Abstrakt: From times immemorial disputes whether to include the white color in the palette of colors have taken place. Without opting for either of the sides, we cannot neglect the importance of the color white as it changes other colors in the palette, and introduces light. Symbolic significance of the color white is conditioned culturally and individually. Depending on the epoch, this color has been viewed variously, sometimes it prevailed and was considered irreplaceable, other times, for instance in the Middle Ages, it was supplanted by elaborate ornaments rendered in chromatic hues. Nonetheless, the 20th century emphasized the significance of this color, whereas the figure responsible for its widespread application in architecture was Le Crobusier. In his manifesto proclaimed after World War I, Le Crobusier favored and emphasized its significant nature. Furthermore, the color white was an important element for modern artists, their idea of art and their artistic work. The color white has been unveiling its endless reserves and still does so while highlighting its value in artistic work.
ISSN: 2391-9965
Pojawia się w kolekcji:Artykuły (W.Art)

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