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Title: Prawo do sądu we Włoszech
Authors: Urbaniak, Monika
Lorencka, Małgorzata
Keywords: right to a fair trial, italian constitutional law; judiciary power; right to defence; the reasonable-time requirement
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Przegląd Prawa Konstytucyjnego, 2016, nr 3, s. 223-243
Abstract: The access to justice is expressed directly in the part one of the Constitution of the Italian Republic of 1947, entitled “The rights and duties of citizens”. In accordance with Article 24 paragraph. 1 of the Constitution, “everyone can take judicial action to protect individual rights and legitimate interests”. It should be noted that it is a wide range of subjective and objective constitutional regulation, in particular, on the right of access to court, the right to defense and right to a fair and due process (Article 111 of the Constitution). The biggest disadvantages that arises from the functioning of the Italian justice system are multiple violations of the right to a trial within a reasonable time and the usage of the cassation, as a court of third instance. Many attempts to correct the Italian judiciary have been made, for example by the introduction of Pinto Law of 2001, which gives litigants the right to the compensation in case of excessively lengthy judicial proceedings. However, it did not have the expected effect of speeding up the court proceedings because of the lack of necessary judiciary reforms (complicated structures and a large number of courts, traditionally low court fees etc.). The impact of the Law was The result of the Law is further increase in the number of cases and budgetary costs. The inefficiency of Italian justice system is needed to be reformed.
DOI: 10.15804/ppk.2016.03.10
ISSN: 2082–1212
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