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Title: Ironia i wartości
Authors: Pienias, Gabriela
Advisor: Molenda, Adam
Keywords: sztuka awangardowa; ironia w sztuce; abstrakcja geometryczna; rewolucja w sztuce
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: In my doctoral thesis, I wanted to create objects referring to the famous painting by Eugène Delacroix. Liberty Leading the People The work of the famous Romantic artist intrigued me many years ago. I have painted people manifesting in public space many times. In my doctoral dissertation I also focus on the problem of revo-lution and manifestation. I decided to explore the art discipline itself. I focused all my attention on the problem of between the ideaof revolution and artistic form. I found that the concepts of modernity were the most revo-lutionary for the world of art. When I noticed that the painting Liberty Leading the People shows the revolution in content, but formally remains a classic representation of a typical composition of the painting, I decided to change the image of the avant-garde work, both in content and in form. The consequence of revolutionary con-cepts of modernity was, among others the appearance of non-representational art, which is why I decided to create a doctoral dissertation in this convention. Inspirational for me was the radical artistic movement, which put a strong emphasis on geometric abstraction in art and proclaimed the concept of concrete art. Following this lead, I was absorbed by American art, mainly by Frank Stella. The artistic subject became the most important, a subject in itself. Art as a kind of non-ideological, non-political, rather universal, but still manifesto. In this way I came to the art of minimal art. In my opinion, the revolution in thinking about artistic form took place in the works of minimal art artists. My project is a manifesto-memory of avant-garde art. Art that negates something, undermines something, but intends to show something important. Modernist art has a seriousness that is someti-mes revealed through joke and irony. The doctoral dissertation is a postulate that the art should separate from reality into another supernatural space, art space, where it becomes serious and meaningful. It stops being only an artistic object and becomes an object of art.
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