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Title: Palinologia dolnodewońskich i środkowodewońskich osadów klastycznych z otworu wiertniczego Trojanowice 2
Authors: Filipiak, Paweł
Keywords: palynostratigraphy; palynofacies; miospores; Devonian; Emsian; Eifelian
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Biuletyn Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego, Nr 459, (2014) s. 7-32
Abstract: The palynological investigation were carried out on 37 samples from the Trojanowice 2 borehole from a depth interval of 502.0–558.8 m. Based on the presence of index and important microflora species two standard miospore zones were recognized: Emphanisporites annulatus-Camarozonotriletes sextantii, from the Emsian and Grandispora douglastownense-Ancyrospora eurypterota from the Emsian/ Eifelian transition interval. Palynofacies from the lower part of the section indicate marginal marine palaeoenvironmental conditions. Palynofacies from the upper part prove deeper marine conditions further from the shoreline. Additionally, spore colour analyses revealed a high degree of thermal transformation. Two new miospore taxa have been formally erected: Camptozonotriletes reticulum sp.n. and Perotrilites asymmetricus sp.n.
DOI: 10.5604/08676143.1113060
ISSN: 0867-6143
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