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Title: Antymaterialistyczny przekaz w muzyce reggae a aspiracje życiowe jej słuchaczy
Authors: Jach, Łukasz
Keywords: self-determination theory; life goals; Aspiration index; reggae music
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Psychologia Ekonomiczna, Nr 4, (2013) s. 44-56
Abstract: Contemporary researchers find that current human activity is directed by such materialistic values as money and social status. Although those values are reflected in the dominant popular culture, we can also find examples of opposing ideas. Among them is the world view connected with reggae music, presented in the texts of songs that highly appreciate personal freedom, interpersonal relations, and spiritual growth. In these songs, a world focused on achieving materialistic goals is compared with apocalyptic Babylon - powerful, but coming to an inevitable doom. This article presents the results of two studies to find if listening to reggae music is connected with certain profiles of life goals. The first study examined if attentive contact with anti-materialistic (reggae) or materialistic (hip-hop) lyrics might have an influence on personal life goals. The second study compared reggae listeners’profiles of life goals with profiles of students. Both studies used the Aspiration Index (Grouzet et al., 2005; Górnik-Durose, & Janiec, 2010) which examines four types of life goals.
DOI: 10.14659/PJOEP.2013.04.03
ISSN: 2353-7132
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