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Title: Funkcjonowanie seksualne oraz sytuacja psychologiczna kobiet chorych na wulwodynię
Other Titles: Sexual functioning and psychological situation of women suffering from vulvodynia
Authors: Kocur, Dagna
Keywords: vulvodynia; vestibulodynia; psychological gender; sexuality
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Seksuologia Polska, 2012, nr 1, s. 15-20
Abstract: Introduction.Introduction.Introduction.Introduction.Introduction. Vulvodynia is a disease consisting in feeling a different level of pain and discomfort in the region of the female genitalia. Studies show that over 12% women can suffer from this disorder. The disease is chronic in its character and, as a result, has a significant impact on women’s psychological situation. The aim of the research was to check the psychological situation and sexual functioning of women with vulvo-dynia and to verify the hypothesis assuming a different prevalence of vulvodynia depending on the patient psychological gender. Materials and methods.Materials and methods.Materials and methods.Materials and methods.Materials and methods. The research was conducted using a proprietary tool for assessing the psycholo-gical situation of women and the quality of physician-patient contacts, the Sex Role Inventory (IPP) developed by Kuczyńska and Multidimensional Sexuality Questionnaire (MSQ) by Snell. The study covered 30 wo-men suffering from vulvodynia (study group) and 30 healthy women (control group). Results.Results.Results.Results.Results. In the group of women suffering from vulvodynia prevailed women with the feminine psychological gender. The study group was generally in worse psychological situation and featured worse contacts with physicians as compared with the control group. The women suffering from vulvodynia featured lower sexu-ality self-control, higher level of sexual anxiety before sexual intercourses and the fear of sexual relationships. Conclusions. Conclusions. Conclusions. Conclusions. Conclusions. The problems of vulvodynia require further research as the disease changes women’s lives significantly. It has a fundamental impact on sexuality, physical and mental state and self-esteem of the suffe-ring women. Unfortunately, the patients very rarely receive adequate treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to educate medical professionals on the problem of vulvodynia.
ISSN: 1731-9544
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