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Title: Systemy adresatywne Korei Południowej i Polski jako składnik etykiety na przykładzie sfery akademickiej i biznesowej
Authors: You, Chang Il
Advisor: Tambor, Jolanta
Keywords: etykieta językowa; grzeczność językowa; Korea Południowa; system adresatywny
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: Title Address systems of South Korea and Poland as a component of etiquette on the example of the academic and business sphere. The aim of this thesis is to discuss the differences and similarities of the linguistics etiquette between Poland and Korea, primarily in terms of the address system. The analysis focuses on different points of view (diachronic, synchronous, etc.) for similarities and differences in language courtesy between the two countries, which would allow them to understand each other more closely. The work includes analysis of address systems in various areas (in the academic sphere, in business, and daily life). The work consists of four chapters. In the first chapter was presented a review of studies of linguistic politeness in Poland and South Korea. Next, contemporary definitions of terms functioning in Polish related to politeness were analyzed. This chapter also attempts to relate the word 'naughty' to the Korean language and to define naughty behavior in Korean culture and its similarities and differences in relation to Polish culture. The second chapter is devoted to examining the nature of interpersonal relations in both countries. This chapter presents the analysis of factors (sociolinguistic and socio-cultural aspects) affecting Polish and Korean etiquette. For example, contemporary components of the Korean mentality and their background, as well as social phenomena resulting from it, were analyzed. As a result of the research, models were proposed showing differences in the basic approach to the politeness of both countries. The third chapter presents and discusses the meaning of the name in Korean society and its use as a term of address. The invariance of Korean surnames and names was shown and their cultural significance was presented. This chapter refers to various terms related to naming a human in Korean. The fourth chapter is an analysis of the Korean honorific systems of address. First of all, the general concept of Korean address forms and methods of their practical use in Korean society were presented. Terms related to camaraderie in Korean culture were also analyzed.
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