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Title: Al-Tolerant Barley Mutant hvatr.g Shows the ATR-Regulated DNA Damage Response to Maleic Acid Hydrazide
Authors: Jaśkowiak, Joanna
Kwaśniewska, Jolanta
Szurman-Zubrzycka, Miriam
Rojek-Jelonek, Magdalena
Larsen, Paul B.
Szarejko, Iwona
Keywords: aluminum toxicity; ATR; barley; cell cycle; DDR pathway; DNA damage; maleic acid hydrazide
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: "International Journal of Molecular Sciences" Vol. 21, iss. 22 (2020), art. no. 8500
Abstract: ATR, a DNA damage signaling kinase, is required for cell cycle checkpoint regulation and detecting DNA damage caused by genotoxic factors including Al3+ ions. We analyzed the function of the HvATR gene in response to chemical clastogen-maleic acid hydrazide (MH). For this purpose, the Al-tolerant barley TILLING mutant hvatr.g was used. We described the e ects of MH on the nuclear genome of hvatr.g mutant and its WT parent cv. “Sebastian”, showing that the genotoxic e ect measured by TUNEL test and frequency of cells with micronuclei was much stronger in hvatr.g than in WT. MH caused a significant decrease in the mitotic activity of root cells in both genotypes, however this e ect was significantly stronger in “Sebastian”. The impact of MH on the roots cell cycle, analyzed using flow cytometry, showed no di erences between the mutant and WT.
DOI: 10.3390/ijms21228500
ISSN: 1422-0067
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