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Title: Content analysis algorithms : an innovative and accurate approach to statement veracity assessment
Authors: Wojciechowski, Bartosz Wojciech
Keywords: psychological content analysis; veracity assessment; statement validity assessment; decision algorithm
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: "European Polygraph”, 2014, no. 3, s. 119-128
Abstract: There are four main areas of psychological research on the detection of deception: a) deceiver’s personality traits; b) extralinguistic and nonverbal cues of deception; c) physiological cues; d) and the analysis of the qualitative aspects of the account (Sporer 1997). German forensic psychologists have developed qualitative criteria to analyse the content of statements and to assess their validity. Veracity assessment is based on an assumption called the Undeutsch hypothesis, maintaining that statements derived from a memory of a self-experienced event will diff er qualitatively from statements that are based on a fantasy or suggestion (Undeutsch, 1967) [...].
ISSN: 1898-5238
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