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Title: Zastosowanie kodu dwu i trójwymiarowego w procesie pisania i czytania ikon inspirowanych Księgą Daniela
Authors: Tomasiak, Grzegorz
Advisor: Skutnik, Jarosław
Keywords: ikona; Księga Daniela; kod Aztec; kod QR; kodowanie; malarstwo tablicowe; skanowanie
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The paper is a form of conceptualisation of the field of problems from which my creative inspirations originate. They are concretized in a series of works presented under the title: Application of two and three dimensional code in the process of writing and reading icons inspired by the Book of Daniel. The presented series is an attempt to combine three problems that have appeared in my artistic work for several years. The first of them concerned contemporary ways of presenting an icon, combining traditional conventions of its writing with forms exceeding the classical ones. The second one involved the use of matrix barcodes in artistic work. The third concerned reading symbols and signs from the Book of Daniel from the Millennium Bible as an inspiration for creative work. Each of the problems was important to me, so I wanted to give each of them attention in artistic work. A practical solution for such a broad perspective of artistic interests was to create a work that would combine these problems. The final effect is a sum of experiences, the result of accompanying reflections and a summary of my artistic activities over many years. The personal character of the artistic realization - the paintings forming a series of thirty works - I inscribe in the context of art strongly rooted in the icon. The full series of iconic works has been divided into three collections. The first one consists of eleven works referring to chapters I-VI of the Book of Daniel. This is a collection of biographical stories about Daniel and his companions. The second set is made up of fifteen works, and they relate to the contents of chapters VII-XII, containing a detailed description of the vision and the oracle. These chapters are characterized by an apocalyptic style and a wealth of symbols. The last set consists of four works relating to the deuterocanonic additions to the Book of Daniel. Their form, based on the use of various matrix codes, allows for multiple readings of content, from technological operations to intellectual interpretation of meanings. The dissertation introducing the issues of my artistic work consists of three chapters. The first two are a theoretical introduction to the issues underlying personal reflection on my work and the way my artistic work is realized. I have included in them both a description of the techniques, means and tools I use to make the work, I have indicated its main stages, but first of all I have shown the content references inspired by the Old Testament Books of Daniel. In the third part, I referred to the inspirations that allowed me to concretize the idea and direct my early intuitions. This part is an attempt to refer to the work of selected artists who had a direct or indirect influence on the process of developing my creative statement. The introduction and the end contain generalised comments on the work.
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