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Title: The family in the world of axiological turmoil
Authors: Świątkiewicz, Wojciech
Keywords: family; demographic crisis
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: "The New Educational Review" 2005, no. 3/4, s. 37-52
Abstract: The family and all the types of social behaviour that were directly associated with it, its stability and sacred dimension created the natural and obvious world of the social life, the fundamental reality of culture that once for all became the “symbolic structure of reference” when man, in his/her adult life, was improving family experiences in a creative way, as well as when he/she was denying them. In the situation of axiological turmoil of culture, the family starts to be losing its privileged position in the structures of the social world. The significance of its existence as the fundamental group and social institution, the environment for social personality maturation becomes weaker. It is more and more common that family understood in a traditional way becomes unnecessary in the contemporary world. Demographic crisis is first of all the crisis of values and the crisis of the man as a value; the crisis of the family that is the natural educational environment. The future of every society depends on the state of its family. The question concerning the shape of the family is the question of the shape of the society, the nation and the State.
ISSN: 1732-6729
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