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Title: Grzechy główne i metody walki z nimi w "Homiliach św. Jana Chryzostoma na I List św. Pawła do Koryntian"
Authors: Uciecha, Andrzej
Keywords: St. John; homily
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Vox Patrum, 2001, t. 40/41, s. 247-262
Abstract: In his description of the reality and the consequences of Capital sin, St. John spoke with evocative eloquence. Using metaphor, imagery and analogy in confor- mity with the Christian system of values, enabled him to rationalize the underlying motives of human behavior. The quaiity of his analysis and his gift of rhetoric and eloquence were outstanding. St. John has sketched out for us a huge panorama of human imperfections while at the same time pointing to the unending potential of the person who cooperates with the grace of God. He shows that the negative results of sin are visible both in the spiritual and corporal sphere, where the enemies of Christian morality are present both in internal and external aspects such as : the torment of fear, a passion for possessions, the illusion of emotional experiences and indifference to the transient yet strongly rooted pagan customs and practices in society.
ISSN: 0860-9411
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