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Title: Sense of the Meaning of Life among Students Demonstrating Different Self-Education Activity Levels
Authors: Rodek, Violetta
Keywords: self-education; meaning of life
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: "The New Educational Review" 2015, no. 2, s. 58-68
Abstract: The purpose of the presented study was to recognise mutual relations between students’ self-education activity and their sense of the meaning of life. The answer to the question : What is the sense of the meaning of life among students of high, average and low levels of self-education activity? was sought. In the study, the estimation method was used. Students’ level of self-education activity was measured on the basis of the Self-education Activity Scale (SAS), created by the author, whereas in order to define the level of the sense of the meaning of life, J.C.Crumbagh and L.T.Macholicka’s Meaning of Life Sense Scale, adapted to the Polish reality by Z. Płużek, was used. Analysis showed a relationship between the above-mentioned variables, in particular in terms of one’s sense of life and assessment of its value. As for the other components of the sense of the meaning of life level: self-esteem and approach towards death and suicide, no significant dependencies were observed.
DOI: 10.15804/tner.2015.40.2.05
ISSN: 1732-6729
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