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Title: Preventing Overweight and Obesity in Pland According to The National Health Programme 2007-2015 : the Implementation of its Operational Objective 3
Authors: Borzucka-Sitkiewicz, Katarzyna
Kowalczewska-Grabowska, Katarzyna
Keywords: the National Health Programme; health promotion
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: "The New Educational Review" 2015, no. 3, s. 169-179
Abstract: Both in developing and developed nations an incorrect diet is a source of health problems. Inadequate nutrition contributes to chronic, non-infectious illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, some types of malignant cancer and diabetes type 2 (Kuszewski et al., 2007). Due to the dramatic increase in the number of chronic, non-infectious illnesses, implementation of preventive measures became an important challenge for upgrading public health. Improving the population’s diet and food quality, as well as decreasing the amount of obesity, were defined as operational objectives of the National Health Programme for the years 2007 – 2015 in Poland (operational objective 3). The activities undertaken nationwide are based on the Global strategy on diet, physical activity and health, developed by the WHO and adopted at the 57th meeting of the World Health Assembly (WHO, 2004). The primary goal of the study was to verify the achievement of operational objective 3 of the National Health Programme for 2007 – 2015, which referred to the improvement of food and its quality as well as the reduction of obesity.
DOI: 10.15804/tner.2015.41.3.14
ISSN: 1732-6729
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