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Title: Wilno jako Rzym, czyli nieznany list Stanisława Rakowskiego do Andrzeja Trzebickiego
Authors: Barłowska, Maria
Keywords: Stanisław Rakowski; Jagiellonian Library, manuscript 2568, p. 92r-93r
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Terminus, 2009, z. 1/2, s. 321-335
Abstract: The article contains a commentary and a critical edition of a letter by Stanisław Rakowski. the letter is part of an anonymous silva rerum edition (Jagiellonian Library, manuscript 2568, p. 92r-93r) from the first half of the 17th century, contain- ing also collections of orations and poems. Its author, a canon and king Ladislaus IV's secretary, sent it probably in the spring of 1639 from Wilno to a friend in Italy. the correspondence is a brilliant example of familiar, jocose, and erudite writing in which the author offers a comparison between wilno and Rome. His description of the Lithuanian capital is based on a rhetorical theme and allusions to the classics as summoned up in a comical mention of Pogoń (Chase) — the emblem of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. the letter concludes with a personal, pessimistic reflection about a lifestyle that was new to Rakowski (who was only starting his career at the court).
ISSN: 2084-3844
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