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Title: О мотивационной соотносительности лексико-семантических дериватов (на примере одного славянского корня). *Chol- и его производные
Other Titles: On the Motivating Relation of Lexical-Semantic Derivatives (One Slavonic Root as an Example). *Chol- and its Derivatives
O motivacionnoj sootnositel'nosti leksiko-semantičeskih derivatov : (na primere odnogo slavânskogo koriâ : "*Chol- i ego proizvodnye"
Authors: Czerwiński, Piotr
Keywords: the root semantics; etymology; dialects; linguistic awareness; paradigmatic-conceptual potential; development of meanings; семантика корня; этимология; диалекты; языковое сознание; парадигматико-концептуальный потенциал; развитие значений
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: "Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Linguistica Rossica" (2019), T. 18, s. 39-60
Abstract: This article discusses the primarily Russian root хол(о)- based on the etymological, historical, and dialectal material as well as contemporary literary common language. The material is partly contrasted with some Slavonic languages in terms of features and differences. Common and indiothers. This is taken as a starting point for revealing further possible branches in the development of the original meanings. The author focuses on the specificity of the suffixes that are not currently isolated, -ст-, -п-, -уй, and similar. The author also shows the influence of these suffixes on the root semantics in the process of shaping lexems. The analysis demonstrates that it is possible to identify a paradigmatic-conceptual scheme and potential which underlie the development model of the word range in question and the semantics of their root. At the end, the scheme is shown in an illustrative and typological perspective next to the semantic features of the холостой lexem. The conclusions address the Russian linguistic domain covering the usage in the dialects and in the common language.
DOI: 10.18778/1731-8025.18.03
ISSN: 2353-9623
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