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Title: O czytelnikach postylii Jakuba Wujka (XVI-XIX w.)
Authors: Rak, Iwona
Keywords: Homiletics; Reading; Postyllography; Jakub Wyjek; Postyllografia; Czytelnictwo; Homiletyka
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: "Nowa Biblioteka", (2014), nr 2, s. 33-44
Abstract: The paper focuses on presenting the potential recipients of two old Polish collections of sermons by Jakub Wujek: Postylla catholica and its abridged version called Lesser Postilla. The readership audience was characterized based on selected elements of literary framework of homiletic books. Among the components of the framework discussed in the paper are the following elements of the outer delimitation of the work: titles, prefaces, dedicatory letters. Insights into nineteenth-century audiences of the reissue of postylla complement the paper.
ISSN: 2451-2575
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