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Title: Gold Nanoparticles-Induced Modifications in Cell Wall Composition in Barley Roots
Authors: Milewska-Hendel, Anna
Sala, Katarzyna
Gepfert, Weronika
Kurczyńska, Ewa
Keywords: abiotic stress; AGPs; barley; gold nanoparticles; immunohistochemistry; pectin; root development
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Cells, 2021, Vol. 10, art. no. 1965
Abstract: The increased use of nanoparticles (NP) in different industries inevitably results in their release into the environment. In such conditions, plants come into direct contact with NP. Knowledge about the uptake of NP by plants and their effect on different developmental processes is still insufficient. Our studies concerned analyses of the changes in the chemical components of the cell walls of Hordeum vulgare L. roots that were grown in the presence of gold nanoparticles (AuNP). The analyses were performed using the immunohistological method and fluorescence microscopy. The obtained results indicate that AuNP with different surface charges affects the presence and distribution of selected pectic and arabinogalactan protein (AGP) epitopes in the walls of root cells.
DOI: 10.3390/cells10081965
ISSN: 2073-4409
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