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Title: Коронавирус в русском и польском медиально-языковом отражении
Other Titles: Koronavirus v russkom i pol'skom medial'no-âzykovom otraženii
Coronavirus and its Russian and Polish reflection in media and language
Authors: Straś, Ewa
Keywords: Language of coronavirus; Diminutives; Polish language; Russian language; Attributive constructions; Augmentatives
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Acta Polono-Ruthenica, 2021, T. 1, nr 26, s. 113-128
Abstract: Based on the Internet resources, the article presents language units related to coronavirus and the resulting epidemic. Evaluation included in the analysed units, predominantly negative, ironic and mocking etc., is reflected mainly in diminutives, less frequently in augmentatives as well as in collocations with evaluative adjectives. Apart from them, there are also other terms constructed on the basis of active models in each of the two languages. The conducted comparison led to the conclusion that the analysed material reveals higher activity and amount of such units in Russian, which, in comparison with Polish, is a system that is more flexible and mobile and is regularly used in speech for creating emotionally marked forms.
DOI: 10.31648/apr.6435
ISSN: 1427-549X
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