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Title: The effects of high-monosaccharide diets on development and biochemical composition of white-eyed mutant strain of house cricket (Acheta domesticus)
Authors: Francikowski, Jacek
Potrzebska, Marta
Szulińska, Elżbieta
Tarnawska, Monika
Radai, Zoltan
Łozowski, Bartosz
Baran, Bartosz
Krzyżowski, Michał
Keywords: Acheta domesticus; high-monosaccharide diet (HMD); Tryptophan (TRP); kynurenine (KYN)
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: "Scientific Reports" (2021), Vol. 11, art. no. 21147, s. 1-15
Abstract: Tryptophan (TRP) is one of the essential amino acids in the animal body. Its exogenicity and low concentrations mean that it can be regarded as one of the key regulatory molecules at the cellular as well as physiological level. It has been shown to have a number of essential functions, such as in the production of other biologically active molecules. The main objective of this project was to investigate the effects of a high monosaccharide diet (HMD) on a hemimetabolic insect-house cricket (Acheta domesticus) and a mutant strain with impaired visual pigment synthesis (closely related to the tryptophan and kynurenine (KYN) metabolic pathway)-white eye. This study was aimed at determining the effects of glucose and fructose on cricket development and biochemical composition. A parallel goal was to compare the response of both cricket strains to HMD. ELISA assays indicated dysfunction of the TRP-KYN pathway in white strain insects and an elevated KYN/TRP ratio. Biochemical analyses demonstrated the effects of HMD mainly on fat and glycogen content. A decrease in food intake was also observed in the groups on HMD. However, no changes in imago body weight and water content were observed. The results of the study indicate a stronger response of the white strain to HMD compared to the wild-type strain. At the same time, a stronger detrimental effect of fructose than of glucose was apparent. Sex was found to be a modulating factor in the response to HMD.
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-00393-5
ISSN: 2045-2322
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