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Title: Balancing between professional and private life : analysis of psychological determinants in family context
Other Titles: Balansowanie pomiędzy pracą a życiem osobistym. Analiza uwarunkowań psychologicznych w kontekście rodzinnym
Authors: Kornaszewska-Polak, Monika
Keywords: work-life balance; generation Z; close relationships; family; career
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: "Family Forum" (2021), T. 11, s. 15-34
Abstract: The idea of reconciling work with personal life was in its heyday at the turn of the 20th century when people realised that it was impossible to completely separate these inextricably linked spheres of human existence. Neglecting either of them, and not only in the scientific discourse but also in everyday life, is in many aspects detrimental to close relationships and to the performance at work. Nevertheless, a perfect combination of these two dimensions of human activity seems almost unattainable, as a growing number of contemporary studies show. Becoming involved in one entails some negligence in the other. The family context represents a relevant example of the attempts to reach the work-life balance. It is increasingly frequent that the contemporary young adults’ generation prioritise work, individual career, and personal development in their hierarchy of values. They delay their decisions on starting a family, having children, or simply settling down until they have achieved an adequate status and prosperity. Seeking to satisfy the need for close bonds, many young adults engage in only temporary relationships (cohabitation, swingers), but also create substitutes thereof. This generation succumbs to a growing sense of loneliness, despite the fulfilling careers or satisfying material and social statuses.
DOI: 10.25167/FF/3979
ISSN: 2391-9388
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