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Tytuł: Tożsamość ekologiczna : refleksja socjologiczna
Autor: Ponikowska-Cichoń, Katarzyna
Słowa kluczowe: tożsamość ekologiczna; tożsamość
Data wydania: 2015
Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Źródło: G. Libor, J. Wódz (red.), "Niedokończone tożsamości społeczne : szkice socjologiczne" (S. 133-144). Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstrakt: Defining the concept of ecological identity constitutes a certain intellectual challenge due to its multifaceted nature, as well as the popularity of the term “ecology” itself. The author refers to the concept of ecological identity, based on theoretical assumptions, among others, Naess’s, Thomashow’s, Urry’s, or Singer’s, who present eco- or biocentric views. However, identity based on the relation between man and hi or her environment does not always underlie a deeper reflection, spirituality, or conscious axiological system. Aside from the signs, expressed for example in the activity of ecological movements, or lifestyles embedded in deep relation with nature, the article also provides patterns of behavior of consumers who are responsible for modern, enthusiastic trend to be attracted by all that is natural, while, at the same time, bearing signs of ephemerid and transience. Expressions of ecological identity can thus be found on different levels of activity both of individuals, as well as social groups. Their form and content may be regarded as an interesting source of sociological reflection.
ISBN: 9788380124615
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